Friday, June 5, 2009


Go buy ASAP and visit Quilting Daze as she has an awesome giveaway to celebrate her third blog anniversary! .. A tin lunchbox ( which I love looks like a Pennsylvania Dutch design on it), with a pincushion she made in the top of it. A seam ripper (never have too many of those babies!), hand sewing/embroidery needles, Schmetz sewing machine needles (everyone needs those), flowerhead pins (we all can use those!) a ruler (now who on this earth has too many rulers?? no one I know of who sews or quilts) an the Creme of the Creme GINGHER thread snips!! I LOVE everything GINGHER and actually don't own a pair of I am really hoping to win this so I do!

Pictures I borrowed from her blog showing you how wonderful it is!!!

Leave a comment, she tells you what to comment about...How easy can that be???

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