Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A green thumb I do NOT possess! However, my mother-in-law, God Bless her heart, is determine I have flowering blooms. And she is always giving me some plants from her gardens. Even draws layouts where I need to plant them. Now my backyard is nothing but shade. Huge ancient oak trees and some extremely tall pine trees across the back property line. Around the property line are azaleas. Most were planted by the original owner back in the early sixties. Some have died and I have replaced them over the years. But she feels I need flowers. I like flowers it's just I have too much shade! I've planted some in the front yard around the porch. Front yard is also shady. Some on the side of the house. Some around the sides of the backyard. But rarely do any bloom. Rarely do any survive. Rabbits feast on what do come up. I start out with beautiful Hostas each year and the neighborhood rabbits devoured them.

Now I have daffodils various types and they do great in March and April.

Last year my mother-in-law gave me a huge pot of various colors of coleus which she had grown from seed. They froze to death over the winter one night when it got cold and I didn't bring them in. This year I bought a large watermelon coleus plant from the local farmer's market and planted in in her pot. Several pieces have been broken off by me in the repotting process which I've been rooting in my kitchen window to plant somewhere in the backyard.

One of my June blooming azaleas.

Some of my blooms from the day lily family. Notice the leaves..how could you miss them. I do pine needles until I run out and then let nature to the mulching.
I have a lace-cap hydrangea my mother-in-law gave me years and years ago. It was tiny little thing in a small pot. It didn't do much the first several years and then took off. It's now over four feet tall maybe five feet tall and rather wide. It used to bloom the same color blooms. This year it has had a variety of colors at the same time.


Can anyone tell me what the above plant is? My mother-in-law gave it to me and she has no idea the name. She has had it in her flower garden for over thirty years since I've been in the family. The picture is sideways. It looks like a dainty Foxglove. Not Foxglove. I have those in my backyard.

My friend gave me this above hanging basket....called Blue Wonder. Never heard of it until she gave it to me for my birthday. A mass of blue blooms.
Some more plants my mother-in-law gave me.
For years as you go into my backyard around the back corner of the garage by my neighbor's fence Impatiens have been coming up volunteer for years and years. I used to have hanging baskets of them several places in the backyard. This year o far they have been slow coming up...just starting I thing to come back. So several weeks ago when no sign of them I bought this plant hoping it would take off and fill in the area.


quiltingnana said...

your flowers are lovely...check your thumbs...they may be turning green

Vivian said...

I enjoyed all the flower photos. The hydrangeas are especially unique. All we ever had when I was growing up were white ones. Now I know the colors depend on the soil. Thanks for sharing!

scrappy quilter said...

For not having a green thumb your flowers are doing wonderfully. Very pretty.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Your flowers are very lovely! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Jean said...

Wow, beautiful garden...didja check those thumbs?