Saturday, March 7, 2009


Saturday started with fried salt herring for breakfast. Then off to helping the economy with running some errands....a trip to Sam's, Wal-mart, Dunk-in Donuts, and home. DD came over with the grandbabies. They were outside blowing bubbles and drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. Next we all went to BJ's where the older two love driving the car attached to the shopping cart they have there. Stopping by What-A-Burger for lunch. Their fryer was broken so no fries or apple pies but the hamburgers/cheeseburgers were still tasty. Back home DD took the girls over to their house as it was naptime.

Papa and I were watching the USA team versus Canada in the world tournament (not sure of the correct name of the tournament) being played this year in Canada with teams from various countries around the world. Miss Daisy, one of our kitties--the one who has been so ill for over a year with kidney problems then thought she had lymphoma and all of a sudden a couple months ago rallied doctor no longer feels she has cancer and is feeling chipper as can be, she jumped up on the table and was watching the game for a good hour.

When USA won she jumped down and went on about her way.

When the girls woke up from their naps their mommy took the oldest two to the Living Museum where they saw fish, turtles and alligators and baby sissy decided to stay home and come over and play with Nana and Papa.While she and Papa were playing I started some extra cutting squares for Scrap Therapy's Blooming Steps Quilt that we are starting Monday night at Nancy's Calico Patch. I cut some of the small squares to add to my collection. This quilt requires a PILE of small squares. Over a thousand of them as I recall.

And some medium size squares..

While I was at it I cut some of the largest size squares to add to my collection of them even though this quilt doesn't call for them.

Tomorrow afternoon I need to cut the strips and squares from the background fabric.


Laurie said...

Your grandaughter is adorable Elaine! What a joy! I love the fabrics for your quilt, went to Hobby Lobby today and wished I had the funds to take advantage of the huge sale. Have fun creating!

Teresa said...

Sounds like a fun day! I find cutting fabric so relaxing and one of my favorite parts about putting a quilt together.

Fiesta said...

Averett what will the quilt be called?

andsewon said...

We did BJ's and What-a-Burger Tuesday after my Doc appt! Had not had a fix in a while. Dh thinks Smithfield needs one. Ha!!
Love all those bright fabs!!I am looking forward to seeing your completed project. Well got to go roll my hair..then dress. Soon will be my turn in kitchen.
DH just made the pastry for eclairs! I am just going to give up on the healthy diet round here I think.. ha!!

Jean said...

She is so cute...what a fun day you had!!! Lots of cutting, sometimes it is nice to get that out of the way.

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Love all those scraps you've picked out. I love scrap quilts and have made many of them.

Millie said...

Elaine, your grand daughter is so cute.

You have a very nice selection of flower prints. Have fun cutting all those thousand small squares.

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the squares and the very cute little granddaughter!

cindyr said...

HI, thank you for visiting my blog once again. I really appreciate you goal to help stomp out cancer bugs on 3/31/09. Congrats for winning that beautiful jelly roll. I know you will create wonderous works with it. take care, cindy

MouseChirpy said...

Your grandbaby is just the cutest and has the sweetest rosie cheeks! Very cute picture of her and her granddaddy!