Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hope everyone had a nice National Quilt Day yesterday! I worked on my "Bloomin' Steps" for scrap therapy. I did get three rows completed. Some boo-boos in there. But when I ripped out and tried to correct they turned out worse!!! Made a bunch of blocks from more rows. HOWEVER, not enough to finish the main/center part---AND---that has to be completed in time for tomorrow night's class at six p.m.

Baby girl had us over to eat last night. Her DH cooked some sirloin steaks on the grill that were so good, she did french fries and some green beans that were yummy. Her sewing machine bobbin tension is acting up. Dr. Al is away for a couple weeks and has two weeks of work when he gets back---so I heard when I was in the shop Friday. There is a thing cracked that we are wondering if that is the problem. It has a drop in bobbin with out a bobbin case and I've never had a machine like that so am clueless how to help her. It does seem to me the thread on the bobbin isn't tight enough...just came to me...may have her rewind it to another bobbin and see if that helps.

Need to get back at the machine and sew some more rows...and see how many more blocks I need to cutout and sew together. Have to make a Costco run today, too.

Will post picture of what I have done so far on "Bloomin' Steps" later.


Jean said...

I have a drop in bobbin and it is important that the thread is going around through the little slits in the right way. Have her check her book to see if she is threading it through correctly. If something is cracked....well....doesn't sound good.

If she isn't sure it is the bobbin, she could try a new needle, sometimes that is all that is wrong.

Quilt Hollow said...

Anxious to see Bloomin' Steps....I could see it has been a bit since my last visit here and have catching up to do!