Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sewing Notions

What are your favorite sewing notions? Some of mine include:

1. Bernina seam ripper---it's small and SO SHARP. It gets into tiny stitches and cuts like a sharp knife through hot butter.

2. Directional pins---a sewing buddy of mine gave me some the head of the pins are flat but have directions on them.

3. Glass head pins---don't melt when hot iron touches them.

4. Bamboo skewers---great for holding fabric you are sewing on near the needle of our machine.

5. The rolling chalk markers---I have them in white, yellow and blue.

6. Gingher rotary cutter---I LOVE it. Just recently got mine and it just glides through fabric. And feels wonderful in my hand.

7. Vent brush for cleaning heat/ac vents in vehicles---great cleaning bobbin area and other parts of sewing machine.

8. Toilet brush---cheap toilet cleaning brush, the type with the bristles being held in with a twisted wire that loops around coming out and into plastic handle...great for grabbing threads off of the floor.

9. Adhesive lint roller---for getting threads and lint from fabric off of my clothes I'm wearing while sewing.

10. Fusible knit interfacing---I use this for interfacing knits, stabilizing knits in tee-shirt quilts, apply to entire wrong side of faux suede fabric pieces makes it look like Ultrasuede.

11. White gift wrap tissue paper---I lay this down and then lace on top when heirloom sewing lace to lace, lace to entrudeux, lace to fabric. It keeps lace from getting drawn down into bobbin area.

12. Flower head pins.

13. Applique pins when hand sewing.

14. Blue wash away marker--the felt-tip type.

15. Fishing gloves--these are a loose knit gloves with a rubbery squiggles in the palms and on the fingers. Made for gripping fish. Great for controlling fabric being machined free-motion quilted.

16. Gingher scissors---every style and type they make.

17. Grab-it magnetic pin cushions. I own and use multiple of these for each type of pins I own.

18. Tape measure.

19. Multiple rulers in various widths and lengths.

20. Seam gauge ruler.

21. Post-it notes--for jotting down notes, marking places on rulers, marking places on sewing machine bed.

22. Retractable cord thing for attaching scissors. I have a quilted sewing caddy under my machine which a large pocket comes down in front. I have it clipped to that quilted caddy and have my scissors I use for trimming threads attached to it.




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Roslyn Atwood said...

I have lots of those notions & wonder if I could survive sewing without them! There is a very cool tool for frogging[ripping]-those little eyebrow trimmers that come 3 to a pack in the drugstore, they are SO sharp & seem to be less liable to damage the fabric.
Thank you for your kind words on my blog-the loss of a child is a lifelong heartache. Blessings,