Sunday, August 3, 2008

Halloween Apron Swap

I signed up for my first swap Halloween in July on the Blooming Aprons Blog. My swap partner was Sherri who

said she liked black cats and pumpkins. She didn't like gory things.
I had seen what I thought was a cute cat quilt block pattern here. This was a child friendly quilt block posted as a free pattern on Quilters Cache. I used two buttons a round and star shaped ones for the eyes. Free-motioned the nose, mouth, and whiskers on the face. I also free-motioned the pumpkin and BOO on the orange background. The bib, neck ties and waist ties are Kona fabric. Used a thin batting in the bib.
I'm not sure the manufacture of the pumpkin fabric. They were putting it out at the fabric store one day when I stopped in after I signed up for the swap and I fell in love with it. Need to go back soon and get me some before it's all been sold.
We were to include a recipe or something we liked to do for Halloween. I buy Halloween Candy--rather full-size candy bars for my trick-or-treaters. My big baking time is Christmas. However, I go all out with witches in the trees and two scarecrows with bales of straw, wheelbarrows with pumpkins, gourds & mums. OH and black cats and crows around and about the front yard. Inside I have lots of pumpkins, gourds stuffed witches, scarecrows and other fall decorations.
Since I didn't have a Halloween recipe to share I included a posted notepad in the shape of "S", a little journal that could be put in purse to have on hand to jot ideas in when out and about and some Halloween themed ribbons I found when out shopping last week. I had planned to embroider a black cat on an orange presser foot had issues with the towel checking the design and the hoop, moved the top layer of stabilizer in a flash and pulled the terry loops of the towel---ruining it beyond use!!! First time I've ever had that issue in the eight years I've had that machine. Tried in vain to purchase another orange towel. If I come across one later I'll do it and send it in time for Halloween.

Postman said she should receive it Monday or Tuesday in at the latest. Hope she likes it.
Now I did not intend to run all of the above together in one paragraph......I had blank lines between paragraphs but it would not show up that way. GRRR I have tried double and triple spacing between paragraphs but the results were the same!!!


Gypsy Quilter said...

Now that indeed is a very bright and cheery apron. Good job!

MyJourneyBack said...

It is a lovely apron. And you just have to see it to believe it. The quilting is such a nice touch. And the sweet things you added in the package were very fun. You did a fabulous job on your first swap.
And wasn't it fun? Thanks a bunch. Come by and visit my blog.
BTW thanks for taking the photo. I am having camera issues.
Oh one more thing. I happen to have a label called dummies at blogging. But I have been figuring out a few things. Drop me a line if you need help with anything and I will try and help you. We can be the blind leading the blind!
Have a Blessed week,