Thursday, August 28, 2008

Been a while

It's been while since I last posted...a lot has happened. My mother's best friend since they were infants died. I lived part-time with them when doing my internship when in college and after I graduated for a few years. I would stay over with them instead of the hour drive home when I worked nights before I moved down here. Summers her daughter and I spent weeks with each other. Our families spent weekends together. Her daughter went with me to see my great-aunt for a week or two and I went with her to stay a week or two with her grandmother. When my mother developed the beginnings of dementia we cried on each other's shoulders. How ironic my mom was born a few months before her and died a few months before her in the same years.
She and I shared many of the same hobbies including sewing and quilting which my mother admired but didn't do. Mother knitted. Such a blessing she went to bed on night, unresponsive in the morning, and went to heaven a few hours later...massive cerebral hemorrhage.

Then a couple weeks after her leaving us for heaven my husband had an older friend who had been friends with his father and he left us for heaven too. He had been an invalid for several months and had dementia problems.

Then last weekend son-in-law's grandmother went to heaven too. She had cancer then a stroke, invalid the past year. Another blessing for a wonderful person who lived a full life, gave so much joy and gone to reap her reward.

Four beautiful loved ones who left us this year to reap their rewards for their wonderful long lives on this earth. Who lived a true Christian lives, didn't preach or push their beliefs on others but lived their lives as Christ would have them leading others to the Lord through the way they lived on this earth doing unto others as they would have done to them.

But as a sign from God that life goes on we are anxiously awaiting a new granddaughter on Sept. 12th. This baby's oldest sister who was two last Feb. started pre-school today. More of a meet the teacher and classmates for half an hour. We kept the other sister who was one last Feb. while Daddy took the oldest to her new venture. She had a good time. Loved their kitchen set. Those two are such a joy to us. We watch them while Mommy and Daddy are at work.

Sewing wise I've done a few shirts for my husband. Machine embroidering his name and a riding mower that looks similar to his. I also did a monogram on bathrobe for my daughter to take to hospital when she delivers the newest blessing to our family.

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