Monday, October 4, 2010


While at the Fall Festival "Baby Lucy's" mommy saw the girls in their shirts I made them and wanted on for "Baby Lucy" as she is called by the girls. I have idea those three will be calling her "Baby Lucy" when she is 50! My mother was called "Baby" by her parents, aunt and grandparents...she was in her 70's when her parents and aunt died and still called "Baby".

I think this is as cute on the black if not cuter, as it was on white shirts.

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Autum said...

Oh Elaine, this is precious! I may have to borrow your idea for Bayleigh. I want to make her a black tutu for Halloween and had planned to get an orange shirt and just make a flower or something to embellish. Alyssa suggested appliqueing or embroidering a cat or something on the front. A witch's hat would be perfect!