Friday, October 29, 2010


I was visiting Lola the other week to see what she's been up to...that gal is always making the prettiest stuff!!! One talented lady with a needle and thread or sewing machine also with decorating ideas. On her sidebar I clicked on some link that took you to a link of a bunch of ideas for autumn and a bunch of blogs. I as clicking around visiting so many neat folks And I found this one who had made this Faux Mercury Glass. She had done a pumpkin and I had a glass pumpkin sitting in the cabinet like she used. I love old Mercury Glass though don't have any. This lady's blog with the Faux Mercury Glass Pumpkin also took you to tutorials for three different finishes she had come up with for Faux Mercury Glass.
While at Wal-mart last week I got a can of spray paint that was a shiny silver mirror like finish. Later went hunting for the glass pumpkin...found it in the last cabinet where I was looking. Wasn't in the group I was sure it was in. It had been up above the refrigerator for years I am sure. I gave it a quick bath, let it dry a while. One of the finishes I read about you leave it wet inside. Others you dried. I decided to let a few droplets remain and sprayed away the inside of the pumpkin. The tutorial showed the outside wrapped in plastic and taped so not to get any paint on the outside but lazy bones me did not do that step. I sprayed it, set it aside and let it dry a while. The next day I decided I didn't like the places the water drops didn't let the paint adhere so I resprayed the insides. this time you can tell where the droplets were but still has silver there. I like the results. My pumpkin my F-I-L gave me around 30 years ago with candy in it. But I was at Wal-mart this a.m. and they had them in clear glass and also a fall green the old avocado green glassware of the 60's and 70's. Boy did I just date myself!

The picture doesn't do it justice it does look a lot like Mercury Glass.


andsewon said...

Hey gal! Love that pumpkin!! I love the creamy white painted ones too.
May have to do that one year.
Thanks for the blog shout out too!
Have the logs on tonight burrrr...Fall to Winter ! Calling for frost in AM!
Was just Summer yesterday right?? Hahaha!

Barb said...

So cute....thanks for telling us how you made it....I am impressed!

Teresa said...

I had not heard of mercury glass before. Your pumpkin turned out very nice.