Saturday, May 2, 2009


I love aprons! Collect them, collect patterns for them, etc. I saw this link for a reversible apron which she says takes only two hours to sew up. Which means four for me. Haven't tried it out yet but plan to in the future.

A second is my birthday...washed the blinds in the garage while DH washed the windows. DD and three DGB came over and sat on porch with us. They played, watered my plants, etc. Her DH and some of the men he works with went to Richmond to the races.

DH kept the baby and she and I took the three and two year old to Nancy's Calico Patch. I bought two feet for my 180E Bernina. I also bought some strawberry related fabrics for the winner of my "Guess What It Is" Giveaway....."Spray Ice-cream". Since we were eating strawberries when she said it. "Spray Ice-Cream" by the way is the whipped cream that is in the cans that squirts out like Reddi Whip. Got some thread and a ruler to cut circles in various sizes using a tiny rotary cutter.

We went to OutBack for a late lunch early dinner. Then over to a neighbors for an engagement party for their oldest son in his forties. He has been through a LOT. He disappeared, they heard from him once or twice a year or two or three and then for years they had no idea where he was living much less if he was dead or alive. Some years back he called out of the blue after seven or ten years of not hearing a word. They sent him a ticket to come home for Thanksgiving, he pulled himself together, fought off his problems and they were major. After many years being out of a classroom he went back to college, got his bachelor's and master's in engineering. Doing great! Marrying a precious lady. I remember how hard he fought to get his life straighten out, after he had been gone for so long. After he came home got help, did wood working, an extremely talented cabinet maker, wonderful and gutting and remodeling rooms. Amazing what beautiful cabinets he made with the most simple tools. I am so happy for him and his family how he had turned his life completely around and wish he and his fiance' many years of happiness! He deserves much happiness after all he has been through and the hard work to overcome the problems.


The Quilt Buddy said...

Happy Birthday to You!

scrappy quilter said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day.

I love aprons too. They always remind me of my dear great granny. You never seen her without one. Thanks for the link.

Erzebat said...

hiya, I love nancys calico! Im in western branch of chesapeake. what part of the pennisula are you? thanks for the link ot the aprons!(mauh) Liz

Autum said...

Elaine, Happy belated Birthday! My anniversary was Saturday also.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!