Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Fourth of July, Fabric, Rotary Cutter

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July. We didn't do family cookout until evening of the fifth. Thursday night we attened grandson's late all-star baseball game in the district tournamnet. They won the semi-final game!!! Go Warwick!!! Then Friday night (July 4) we attended the Pilot's game that night. Pilot's won!!! Go Pilot's. Grandson's team was playing in championship Junior League Division All-Star game Saturday at ten. HOWEVER, we had a lot of rain Friday night and field was to wet. Then more rain Saturday night and field too wet to play noon on Sunday so now hoping to play Monday night at six. Saturday night we did hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, ate inside because of rain and thunderstorms.

This afternoon I went to Joann's to get some fabric I needed for the Halloween Apron Swap. My favorite shop Nancy's Calico Patch is closed on Sundays. I have some in my stash I thought I'd use for part of it but needed some solid orange Kona and solid black Kona. Also needed two buttons. Naturally the buttons I had pictured in mind Joann's didn't have. I can dream up the most wonderful buttons but no one makes the ones I have pictured in my mind. Maybe I should be a button designer??? While the two Kona fabrics were being cut I asked if they had any new Halloween fabric in yet. She told me yes, pointed me to the section of the rack where I found one I liked much better than what I had in my stash to use. Then back at the cutting table to get some of that luscious fabric I glanced up at the Ginger rack and what did I see???

I asked if Gingher rotary cutters were as wonderful as their scissors. She said she hadn't been working there long and didn't know. But she loved their scissors and would think so. Then I noticed a sign reading 50% OFF on all quilting tools. I asked if that included the Gingher Rotary Cutter and it did! You know it...that little beauty came home with me.

Well, let me tell you!!! That is one WONDERFUL Rotary Cutter. I know I would never have paid full price but 50% OFF it's worth it!!! I would have waited until it was on sale or I had 40% off coupon. Let me tell you she glides through the fabric. I was flipping the retractable blade switch back and forth several times and the dingbat that I am I thought I had the blade out when I saw the silver part and tried cutting the fabric and nothing. Then I slide the switch again paying attention that time and saw that the black disk is the blade. Tried it and swoosh through the fabric. I'm in love!!!

I see on Joann's website they also make a rotary cutting mat. I've heard you should use the same manufacturer's mat as rotary cutter. I'm not sure if that's the truth or a sales gimmick. I appeared to be fine with my Olfa mat. Granted it's old and well used so if does mess that old mat up I won't be too upset as I have a new one on my Christmas list.

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Autum said...

That's one fancy looking cutter! Do the blades stay sharp? No matter what I do, it seems I can't keep a sharp blade on my olfa rotary cutter.