Thursday, March 15, 2012


Confession is good for the soul---they say---so here goes---

I own way too many cookbooks. Not only that--- I inherited my mother's rather large collection. Though I gave my sister those she had given her. And gave my Momma's best friend a bunch. Daughters took some...but I still had a good amount leftover of hers to add to my groaning bookcases.

I have filled...we're talking two normal-good size ones--- ones AND then there is one that goes floor to ceiling. Now I do admit these are in my pantry and I do have a few other items stored on the lower two shelves of the floor to ceiling one...but they're cookbooks there too.. Also a few other places I have them stashed... THERE IS NO WAY IN UNDER HEAVEN I'D POST PICTURES OF y'all be sending the men in white jackets coming to take me away in straight jacket.

Once in a while I do delete one or two...but I end up replacing them in double or seems.

I can't resist a good Junior League one...Good church ones...places I visit...Gooseberry Patch ones...and PIONEER WOMAN---Ree that little girl/woman can cook... My baby girl gave me the first one...and everything in it I have tried and baby girl has tried has been wonderful!!!

SO I advanced ordered two copies of her newest---one for Baby Girl---and one for me....AND they arrived today!!!!! LOOKS GOOD!!!! Can't wait to try a few... I am so envious of all that Le Creuset Cookware that gal owns...just look at those shelves load down with oh my!!!

Both of these books have pictures of the steps she uses...too....great for someone just setting up housekeeping...

Ree---Girl you did good again!!!


Laurie said...

I love the church cook books, found one at my mother's apt. while cleaning it out. Most of the contributors are gone now, and left some really odd recipes. Aren't they great!?

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I love browsing through the cook books. I have way too many too.