Monday, June 6, 2011

Bad, Bad, Blogger

My oh My I am a bad blogger...last time I blogged I had just broken my foot! Well...I switched groups and went to the one I have past history with and trust. He told me it was not bad, he saw no need of surgery, the boot was all I needed. Went back month ago and 90% healed...go back end of this month. Apparently takes as long for the last 10% as it does for the first 90% in the healing process.

Memorial Day morning I looked out my kitchen window and saw several deer in my backyard. Grew up in the rural country and never saw a deer except along roadside near woods or victim of an accident with vehicle. Live in the "BIG CITY" and see deer it seems all the time the past year or so. By the time I found camera they were in neighbors back yard behind mine.

Laura is playing T-ball. Hope she follows her mom's footsteps and play baseball with the boys! She and sister Rachel are both riding two wheel bikes learned in a couple hours. Emily is ripping behind them on her trike.
I did polka-dotted initials on t-shirts for the girls their mom bought for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July

These were taken at Memorial Day cookout.

I'll try to do better...


Barb said...

Glad you are healing up nicely, loved the pictures of the family and yard!

andsewon said...

Happy to hear you are on the mend!! Always soemthing here. Now a toe, doc appt this coming Sat for that. My elbow is doing a bit better but sure the PA will just hot pop in another joint soon enough! We sure needed that rain out here even if came in a bad storm!!Stay cool!

Teresa said...

Cute pictures of the grandkids. We get deer in our yard now and then and I always get excited no matter how often I see them. Just something about a wild animal that big roaming free.