Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I've been told I am long overdue for blogging. And I am. I promise to blog again soon. So far behind I'm not sure where I'll start. But I promise I shall soon . . . must get over whatever is going on in my lungs. . .told bronchitis but the medications hasn't helped that much and have finished the Z-pack--still taking the others.

My goal is to put an "E" on the cutest little swimsuit for the cutest little 19 month old with my new machine. Took my old one in for a good going over and to have two issues fixed...low bobbin thread alert and needle threader. Both had to be replaced on old one. It is now good for me to take to class or baby daughter to take over it when she feels she's ready to upgrade machines.

To get an idea how sick I've been, I was in the quilt shop one morning to order an embroidery stick. That afternoon Dr. Al called to tell me this issues, costs, etc., next day someone called and said it was ready to be picked up. Took me OVER two weeks to get there to pick it up. NOW, that was a first I doubt seriously that store open for 23 years at various locations and I've never been a week without dropping by to peek around to see what's new, etc.

When I went to get refills for Rx's I stopped in, got machine and the new stick.

Garden Song embroidery designs are by Nancy Halvorsen. Really nice designs in it. And while I was googling around looking for pictures of it found out there is a line of fabric by her in the Garden Song theme which looks NICE too!

Lori of Blue Waters...I PROMISE...I will get those pics and lace to you soon.

And good news is M-I-L who was taken ill before we went to PA and admitted to hospital, we cut trip short when we learned about her and came home to find her being moved to nursing facility for therapy. This week family told she should be able to go home in two weeks. We are elated never thought she'd be able to go home again the first few weeks at the facility. However, with the bout I've been dealing with and also DH dealing with now as well I can see how someone in their 90's could get that weak that quick.


Barb said...

I am so sorry you have been so ill. That is good news about your mother in law. Can't wait for your full return to us.

Laurie said...

You're alive!! I thought you deserted us forever! Get your strength back, I'm patient. Your health is the important thing. Tell me your colors again though, my e-mail address you had is no longer, and I can't access those folders! is only e-mail address now.

Julia said...

I hope you are feeling much better. I can identify with how you are feeling about your mil. We went through a very similar situation.