Sunday, January 31, 2010

FINALLY ! ! !SNOW ! ! !

I love snow! I even have snow dishes. (I have a weakness when it comes to dishes) The past few years have been just about snowless (did I just make a new word?) around these parts and I haven't brought them out. But with the forecast favorable I decided it was time.

Finally Snow came to us in the form of more than a dusting or worse yet flurries. On Saturday, January 30 we were awaken to the sound of snow falling. A friend told me it was sent to me by my Momma, who left us two years ago on January 30th, knowing it would be a bittersweet day for me a real snow would cheer me up.

From my front porch around eight Saturday morning.
The two kitties stuck their noses out and looked at me as to say I was CRAZED if I thought they would go out in that cold white stuff and hightailed it back inside to fill their tummies and eat.

But the dog and granddog were overjoyed as was I.

Emily still isn't sure about snow but she at least wasn't crying while out in it today.
Today the sun is out shining bright and even though it is below freezing it is melting. So the grand-babies and their cousins got busy this morning with sliding down the hill in the grand-babie's back yard.

Rachel and her cousin Stephanie going down the hill...
Rachel hiking back up

Laura complicating something


Teresa said...

We just got mostly ice, but it sure was pretty and great for sledding. I like your snow dishes - how fun is that!

A Joyful Chaos said...

We have been getting way more than the usual amount of snow here and our children have been enjoying it very much.

Thanks for sharing.

Love 2 Quilt said...

If I could, I would send you truck loads of snow. There is way too much of it here. Enjoy it!!