Sunday, December 20, 2009


I've been a bad blogger. But I have visited your blogs when time permitted. It's been busy. Thanksgiving Day it appears this was the only picture taken with my camera. As you can see Laura found lipstick. She was so proud of how pretty she looked. That was until she saw a picture her mother took of her and she got upset and said she looked like a monster! This picture her lipstick is toned down from what it was in the picture her mother took. Here are three of the seven grandchildren on my porch swing after we had all stuffed ourselves.

Tradition has it that we go buy our Christmas Tree Friday of Thanksgiving Weekend. I put the lights on it this year as I did few years as DH isn't able to do that any longer. This year the three

.and two year old granddaughters did the decorating.

The two year old has just hung an ornament her mother made in preschool or kindergarten which has her mother's picture on it.
The three year old up on the step-stool hanging ornaments.

Sampson their dog supervising their work as the three year old comes down off the step-stool.

The finished tree just as they did it. I did put a few on at the very top. Each day they move a few around but I haven't touched it. You may say there are clusters and bare spots but Nana says it is beautiful just as they did it!!

I did do a tad bit of sewing. I needed something else for MIL. She had bought a couple tablecloth panels this summer and hemmed them. But wanted and couldn't find a blue and white one. This one I bought last February at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival from French Connection. I had not gotten around to hemming it. So decided I'd roll hem this one and give it to her. I'll get me another one there this year or order one on-line from them. I did a yellow and blue one for myself a few years ago and they wash and dry so wonderful. Do not fade. This panel could be done either rectangular or round.
And I've done some baking. The two year old
and three year old granddaughters have been helping
Now I must get back to my wrapping and put on a double batch of fudge...


Paula said...

Dear Hubby and I are expecting our first grandson in April! I so enjoy reading about grandchildren. I understand now, well, at least a little bit, just how precious they are!!! Thanks for sharing.

Barb said...

How fun.......the tree looks lovely!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very sweet pictures. The tree does look lovely.

julia said...

Great post! Great pictures!

andsewon said...

Oh how sweet!!!
What memories you all are making!!
I have regretted not buying the 2 I was looking at!! This year for sure!!!!
Off today to NN for taking grand niece Hollyanne shopping for her Mom.
Merry Christmas!!!

quiltingnana said...

sounds like your life has been a crazy as mine lately....have a wonderful holiday