Sunday, July 5, 2009


Fourth of July has been had various traditions throughout my life. As a small child it meant going out on my grandfather's boat during the day and then my Dad's side of the family cookouts on New Point Beach that evening . One year at the beach on the Fourth I stepped on hot coals covered with sand there and burnt the bottom of my foot when I was around 4 or 5. Did not tell anyone, went down to the water's edge and soaked it in the bay. Kept it from hurting. But when we left boy did it hurt. Saw the doctor who prescribed an ointment and the remainder of the summer meant it was bandaged and then had to wear a sock over it to protect it.

Years later after my granddaddy sold his boat the morning was spent helping Daddy trim the shrubbery and azaleas. And helping getting ready for the family cookout around noon at my grandparents house who lived next door. A cousin always sent my granddaddy a pound cake on the Fourth....her grandmother had always made one for his father/her brother as his birthday was the on the Fourth. After his death she continued making it sending it to my grandfather. She also did it for Christmas. I have her recipe and always make it at Christmas and sometimes for the Fourth. Relatives and distant cousins who were from near and far were in attendance. Always a huge crowd. Daddy cooked on the grill. We ate under the shade of the huge elm tree. Evenings meant a family picnic at the oldest of Daddy's brothers house with his side of the family.

After I was married the Fourth was a cookout at our house for both sides of our families. When DD Robyn started playing baseball and each year made All-Stars and played in the Little League's District 7 Tournament which was always going on that week and we spent the Fourth at the baseball fields watching her play. The year she graduated from high school she was in an national ASA fast pitch softball tournament out in Boulder, CO. Her team didn't have a game on the Fourth so we all went up into the Rockies and the team had a snowball fight. That night we all went to the fireworks at CU. They were the most awesome fireworks I have ever seen. Since then none have compared.

When oldest grandson played baseball and All-Stars again it meant we were at the baseball field watching the District 7 All-Star Tournament. This year was the first time in years we didn't spend the Fourth on a baseball field. We had the family over on the evening of the Third for a cookout. On the actual Fourth DH and I rode over to Gloucester. He had seen ads for a new Tractor Supply Store over there and wanted to there and it didn't look anywhere near to being open for business...just the sign 'opening soon--Tractor Supply". So we hit the Wal-mart over there and the Ollie's, too. Didn't get anything. Then stopped by the Stage Coach. It's a flea market type place with some antique/junique shops. It used to be awesome. Heard it had gone downhill. And over all we were disappointed on this trip. It had been several years since we had stopped by there. There was a shop I used to love and always bought from her. She sold it to another lady who operates it under the same name. It wasn't open which was a big disappointment as I always found a treasure or two in that shop. There were a bunch of tables set up under some tents. They had tables of stuff for $1. an item or 6 for $5. I found this bowl--Anchor Hocking Sandwich pattern. And could not pass it up for a dollar. I have several pieces of it I have bought at flea markets, shops, inherited from my mother, grandmother and great-aunt. It's small about six or so inches across.
Then on another table I found two pieces of Shawnee Corn Pottery. There was the small teapot for $5. Which had to come home with me. I've collected Shawnee Corn off and on for eons. Off when I can't find any at a decent price. I don't have a lot of it. But love it. I have one shelf in a china cabinet devoted to it. I didn't have either of the teapot sizes. They also had the cookie jar. The lady said it was $8 and it was going home with me but the man said no it's $30. So I left it there. I have one that was my Mom's which my Grandmother brought her back from a trip one year. If I was missing it I most likely would have bought it at $30 or ask if he could do any better.

Some of the neighbors set off some fireworks last night and they were very pretty for not being professional fireworks....some were rather professional looking. My grand-baby-daughters were either loving them or not too sure about the noise...but today were enthused about seeing them last night. That was fun watching them and the only traditional thing about yesterday.


Julia said...

What a wonderful treasure chest full of memories!!! I love that teapot!

scrappy quilter said...

Oooh I love the teapot too.