Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm Still Among the Living

Believe it or not I am still among the living. We had a nice long weekend trip up to Amish Country. Hit the outlet centers. Ate too much of the wonderful food up there. Only got to Zook's for fabric. They were packed with customers. Long lines at the cutting tables. So I just grabbed a few pre-cut fat-quarter rolls and some charm packs. Both were at what I thought were awesome prices! We did go to the National Christmas Museum, first time we have visited it.

I saw these Keds Sneakers and had to have them. Though the shoes are not identical in the lay out of the fabric I still had to purchase them. I could not believe they had them to fit my huge feet! They reminded me of strip quilts and also selvages making them a must have purchase for $12.99
At the National Christmas Museum there was the most awesome quilt. Here is the information about the masterpiece...
Folks that is all tiny blocks of sewn fabric!!! You would swear it was an oil painting!
I was back in time for two Scrap Therapy Classes. The third and last meeting for "Bloomin' Steps. Which I have yet to finish!!! I really want to enlarge on it so it will fit our bed. Trying to decide if I have nerve to adjust the size. Thinking I'll enlarge on the middle section. And then the two borders accordingly. I still have one more row to do to make it the size pattern calls for it to be. I need to get a better picture put here's a close up of part of the middle section.
This is what the outer border looks like.
A closeup of the outer border.
I have made a few of the blocks for the inner border but not sewn any of them together yet.
The other class I don't have a picture of yet but it uses sections like the outer border and I have made two of those sections for it. It's a smaller quilt, more of a wall hanging size or small throw.
Last week my beloved Laptop computer started acting strange. It apparently is very sick. Friday I took it to the son-in-law who is a computer whiz. Haven't heard anything from him yet. I am sure that isn't good news. They'll be here Easter Sunday to eat so I am hoping and praying he will have her patched up and able to save the information and programs I had on it. Most of the stuff I have backed up but not all of it. So I'm now only have my OLD desktop to connect to cyberspace and blogland and bless her heart she is like me OLD and SLOW!!!


Fiesta said...

welcome back. sounds like you had a fabulous time.

Barb said...

I am glad you had a grand time. I love that one quilt, it did look amazing and is hard to believe it was in small squares. Thanks for showing it.

quiltingnana said...

love the KEDS
sounds like you had a great time. The border fabrics are so colorful

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Hi welcome. Glad your time at Amish country was good. I've been to Zook's once. Love the sneakers! They are so colorful!

Teresa said...

I love going to the Amish country. The country side with their beautiful farms is always so peaceful and calming. All the beautiful quilts are great to see as well.

The quilt you are working on looks great and I know how difficult it is to get those little squares to come out the right sie. No matter how hard I try to do the perfect 1/4 inch seam, the finished sie is just not right.


Kate/Massachusetts said...

Love the Keds! That quilt mosaic is simply amazing!

Jackie said...

The Keds are fabulous!

I haven't been to amish country since I was very young. Since I've been quilting I've really had a desire to go back!

scrappy quilter said...

Glad you're back. Love that Santa quilt. Man, that many 1 inch pieces...incredible work.
I love your quilt too. Love the colors.

MARCIE said...

I am wild about your Keds! How cute! What a fun trip!