Friday, September 7, 2012


Easter 2000 when DD was Sophomore in college she brought home a precious black lab puppy. She kept him at college, spent summers and holidays with us. Fall of 2001 he came home with us when we went to visit her. He stuck by my side, was my shadow. He was my shadow as a puppy so I would protect him from our elderly Black Lab Beau who liked to put Legend in his place.
When Beau suddenly became worse around Christmas 2000 Legend would take him treats and lay beside him. When Beau became paralyzed from a spur on Dec. 23 and I had to take him to the vet to be sent to heaven Legend would come and comforted me. On July 31 I had to make the awful decision to send Legend to join Beau. Legend will always be in my heart as all of the other dogs and cats who I have had as my best friend. Until we all meet at the rainbow bridge...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

May brought a quck storm that dumped a lot of rain on a small area of the city where we live, namely our street and a few neighboring streets. For 30 minutes it poured and it BLEW! This was in our neighbors house the next morning. Thankfully they stayed an extra night with niece and nephew and escaped injury as the time would been when he was watching late news and she unpacking. Both areas of the house where they would have been at that time were "destroyed", his chair knocked over by limb and limb where she would have been unpacking.
Repairs are now about finished and they soon should be back in.

Spring brought T-Ball for the oldest two of the youngest three granddaughters.

End of May Peninsula Pilot's Baseball for June, July and beginning of August. We're Season Tickets holders wouldn't miss a game come H___ or High Water.

June brought High School Graduation for the oldest grandson. Hard to believe he is in college.

Two of the three youngest granddaughters made the swim team for the local pool. Their first year swimming competitively. The one on the left  is 5 and the one in them middle is 6, with a friend.

Here is one of them swimming in a meet.

And doing the backstroke in a meet.

Laura qualified for the big City Meet for the Greater Peninsula Swimmers Association and wearing her special swim cap. Where we have always been a baseball family this is like making All-Stars.
Baby Girl turned 32...

The afternoon before DD and her family left for vacation with DSIL's family I whipped up four skirts. Started out with making three for the granddaughters. Mom tried on one that was too large in the waist and it fitted. So she dashed for another half yard of fabric so I could do four. I saw the red crab fabric and knew I had to do something for them to take to the beach with it.

The youngest granddaughter celebrated her 4th birthday early as she wanted a pool party with family and friends.

School started in August for Laura and Rachel. Emily started after Labor Day.