Monday, March 29, 2010


I am still among the living...or at least I think I am.

Go to doctor for routine checkup, blood work off, puts me on antibiotic, that makes me feel rotten, Vitamin D deficiency, get Rx for that, think I see improvement but not like I had hoped to feel by now.

I have been trying to get lace and pictures together to send Laurie for the quilt I won that she is going to make. Seems I don't get far with it and something comes up. Run out of Photo Paper. Buy Photo Paper. Run out of ink. Buy ink. After finding pictures I want in it . . . change my mind. Find pictures I like but other people them beside that particular person I want a single picture. Need to see if I can crop them and get them like I want.

Went to Lancaster, PA. Week of the Quilt Festival. Wanted to go to it SO BAD. Had plans to get by the Quilt Festival in the back of my head... Didn't. Did get some outlet shopping done. Well a lot of outlet shopping done. Did get to two fabric shops I've been wanting to visit. Bought WAY TOO MUCH FABRIC...will post later pics of that when I get around to taking pic of it.

DD and DGD went with us. DGD is now four and she was such a good shopper and such a good traveler during the six hour drive each way. She loved the "Horses with Wheels". . . translation . . . Amish Buggies. She and her mom got to take a tour on the back roads in one.

Our trip was cut short as DD called me DM-I-L in hospital. First thought heart as chest and back pains but heart tests great, x-rays showed double pneumonia. So we left next morning to return home. She has now been moved to nursing home and we are in hopes PT will help her get strength back so she can return to her home and DF-I-L will be able to take care of her. . . both in 90's and refuse to leave their home. Strange thing is she has not coughed the first time except when doctor asks her to cough...he never seen pneumonia much less double pneumonia without a cough. Still on oxygen and is responding to medication.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Go by and visit SEW-FANTASTIC
Be sure to sign up for her wonderful giveaway of a package of Kona Solids.
She said it is 25 fat-quarters by Kona in their post popular colors. She gives a list of the colors.

Monday, March 1, 2010


As many of you may know, I have such admiration for the Amish and their way of life. I am a huge fan of their quilts as well. So I was ecstatic when I found the A JOYFUL CHAOS BLOG.

Go over and visit A JOYFUL CHAOS a wonderful blog by a former Amish Lady. She shares her memories growing up Amish and also some about her present life. She is having a great giveaway.

She is giving away a copy of a book she recently read
She highly recommends it saying it really does tell about how life is among the Amish. Most of the other Amish books she has read do not tell it the way it really is living Amish.

Go over and visit her blog, leave a comment to enter in her giveaway.